Scan and Share Tango 3d models

this youtube video explains how to use rtab-map on the phab2pro, how to scan, save, and upload to sketchfab

Difficulty: Pretty easy

Required: A Tango enabled device such as Lenovo’s Phab2Pro

This is how I have been scanning 3d models and uploading them to sketchfab.  Once uploaded to Sketchfab it’s easy to share on any social media site (via link)or website(embedded). link example: 3d Christmas tree scan

Or embedded example:

With the Phab2Pro Tango enabled phone I use two apps.  One to capture the scan and the other to upload created scan(s) to sketchfab.

The app I use most for scanning at the moment is RTAB-Map, available at the Google play store.

And the other app I use to upload to my sketchfab account is Tangoscanview.  This app is still in beta and will soon be available thanks to the work of Chuck Knowledge.  To get the beta version Click here.

Open the RTAB-Map app, and in the upper right corner click to pull the menu down.  This allows you to click the “pause” button when you’re done making the scan.  After you complete your scan click “pause” and in the same menu click the “export” button and select “Mesh(.ply)”.  That is how you create the .ply 3d model file.

Now open Tangoscanview, find your file under the RTAB-Map folder, and in the upper right corner, click on the middle button (the one with a cloud with an upward arrow in it).  This will pull down a menu where you can select “Upload to Sketchfab”.

After you select  “Upload to Sketchfab” click on the file you wish to upload.  A pop-up window will allow you to enter in the name and description that will appear on Sketchfab.  Click the “Account” button in the lower left corner to connect your account with an API token.

You will then be prompted to enter your API token which is required to upload to Sketchfab.  So create a Sketchfab account if you haven’t already and then click the “View your API token on Sketchfab”.  This will pull up the sketchfab site with your information where you will find the API token you need.  Copy and paste that into the required field back in the Tangoscanview app and click save.  Then confirm what you want to name the model and have as a description and click upload.

Keep in mind 50mb is the maximum file size you can upload to sketchfab using a free standard account.  In my case it seems to dramatically decrease the file size of the scan if you make it a .ply file.

The software for this technology is evolving quickly and scanning apps like rtab-map seem to be improving by leaps and bounds every month that passes by.

Also check out: Tools on Sketchfab to improve your model


Update: If you’re using the matterport scenes scanner for tango the method I use to get those scans on Sketchfab is when saving the file within the matterport app I select upload to my Google drive.  Then on my laptop I download the file from the google drive and then select upload on the sketchfab site and upload that zip file.

Also if you are using evryway scanner , I like to send the saved .obj via Bluetooth to my laptop and then upload that zip file to Sketchfab.  But if you have high speed internet on your phone you can just click the sketchfab button within the app.

Also try Tango Open Constructor , voxxlr 

*The main image for this blog post is a still image taken and shared using the Matterport Scenes app also available at the Google play store.


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